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Save $$ your electricity, gas, phone, internet, security & more.

Hi and welcome, I am John Malaspina and I created BillSave with the goal of helping households and businesses find savings on their most common bills. I have built up a strong reputation of trust where people let me in to guide them on where savings can be made and often very easily too.

We live in a time where every dollar saved counts, you can use the direct links on the SAVE page or get in CONTACT so I can help you find the low-hanging-fruit and get you saving today.

Easy Steps to Start Saving


Identify Easy Wins

CONTACT John so he can guide you towards the ‘low hanging fruit’ for saving on your bills. If you already have an idea, you can browse for savings yourself on the SAVE page.


Switch to Save

Either through John’s guidance or the DIRECT LINKS you can switch vendors or plans to start saving on a range of costs to your household or business.


Go Further

Beyond some of the basic savings, John can link you up with options for saving more, investing now to save later and getting external financial advice.

Mobile Phone, Office Phone, Gas & Electricity, Security Systems, NBN, EFTPOS Machines & More

Saving on your bills can also mean making responsible choices like opting for Australian companies or our environment – let John help.


Debbie Kosh Photo

Debbie Kosh – Full-time employed university student

I moved into a new apartment after coming back from holidays & needed a few services connected. I asked John to provide me with a quote on electricity, gas & NBN and the prices were very competitive, so I sat with John for approximately an hour and we got all things connected

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Caroline Scala – Willoughby Fresh

John came to my business and offered me a better deal than I currently had on my EFTPOS. He was very helpful and made the transition easy for us. We are saving $2000 per year. The machines work well and we are very happy that we made the change’

Sean Melbourne Photo

Sean Melbourne – Director of Source Legal

Bottom line is that John helped save me money on my bills. It was all very easy – I sent him my bills by email, he looked over them and then showed me how much I could save. The changeover process was super easy too – a very simple online process. Now we’re getting our gas and electricity at much cheaper rates. I definitely recommend it.

I have helped many businesses & house-holds have more choice and add value on the most common services they use everyday.
Book a no-obligation free consult where I come to you – anywhere in the Sydney metro area.

Sharing my page with your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and business partners can help them save on their bills too.

“Goals are like magnets. They’ll attract the things that make them come true.” ~ Tony Robbins


Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

CALL or MESSAGE me for a free no-obligation initial consultation.

I am ready to help in the way you need it, either pointing you in the right direction or diving in a little deeper to get you greater discounts across a wider range of services. I am keen and happy to come to you at your convenience across the greater Sydney region.

BillSave is my proudly Australian local company created to bring my personal approach to finding people savings on all those bills.

BillSave is partnered with vendors and other companies to offer discounts and ongoing good value on a wide range of services for your home or business. I then combine this with my personalised service and advice to make sure you get the most from BillSave.

Check the ABOUT page for more detail.

I am John Malaspina and I love bringing my personalised service to people’s home or business bills.

After founding BillSave I was able to really deliver my caring approach to finding savings for everyone.

Check the ABOUT page for more detail.

BillSave through its partnerships can really help you save on all bills.

From electricity and gas to your NBN and mobile phones.

Get started today by getting in touch with me through the CONTACT page.

BillSave through its partnerships can really help you save on all your business bills and expenses.

From electricity, security and NBN to your EFTPOS terminals.

Get started today by getting in touch with me through the CONTACT page.

BillSave is all about saving $$ on those regular bills leveraging special discount offers and ethically chosen vendors offering great service at a lower pricepoint.

I partner with companies specialising in finding cheaper services as well as the vendors themselves to bring savings to your Business or Home.

There is more detail on the process as well as direct links to savings on the SAVE page. You can get some personalised advice from me on how to proceed by getting in touch via the CONTACT page.

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